Citrus Tuna Fettuccine


Yesterday I went with the folks from my internship to a staff training session at the coolest house I have ever seen. My favorite room was a library/sitting room with books arranged by color on several beautifully curated shelves. There was also a wall of colorful felted wool dryer balls that looked like something out of a modern…

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Peanut Butter White Chocolate Blondies


Here’s a fun fact: I studied français for 8 years and I have never been to a French-speaking country. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Costa Rica, the UK, South Africa, China, Peru, Canada (Yukon Territory and British Columbia, not Quebec), and Mexico, all yes, but no place where someone will greet you with “bonjour.”…

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African Curried Chickpea Stew


Yesterday Drew and I discussed our eating goals. We decided that we want to continue trying to eat lots of whole food vegetarian and vegan meals. Currently, our dinners consist of about 60% vegetarian/vegan meals, 30% poultry meals, and 10% fish meals. We eat red meat or pork only on very rare occasions  – like if…

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Persian Pomegranate Chicken


This dish vaguely reminds me of pad thai. I think it’s the lime and the nuttiness from the walnuts? And this is a pretty easy and quick meal. The first time I made it, I thought it would take quite a while to prep and cook so I almost didn’t make it because Drew and…

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Roast Fruit and Arugula Salad


I was browsing in Barnes and Noble yesterday and stumbled across some pretty sweet cookbooks that I may order in the next few weeks. I loved the unique cold-weather recipes in Roast Figs, Sugar Snow by Diana Henry. I also stumbled upon Bitter by Jennifer Mclagen, which contains only recipes that emphasize bitter flavors (surprise). On one of the…

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Chai Banana Bread


I have a love-hate relationship with bananas. I love they way they taste, how easy they are to peel, and that they are a budget fruit. But I have a banana intolerance. I can’t eat a whole (or half) of a banana or I get terrible stomach pains and feel nauseous for half a day….

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Brie, Chicken, and Chipotle Raspberry Panini


Remember the Chipotle Raspberry Sauce I posted the other day? Well, here is the promised recipe that makes great use of it. This sandwich certainly isn’t everyday lunch fare, but it makes a great once-in-a-while treat that can brighten your day or impress company. Serves 1 Brie, Chicken, and Chipotle Raspberry Panini   Save Print Prep time…

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