Hummus Veggie Pizza


So, some of you may have noticed that Sweet Little Kitchen looks a little different from the last time you saw it. That’s because yesterday I purchased and installed the Foodie Pro Genesis Child Theme. I am so excited about all the potential this theme has for Sweet Little Kitchen! Seriously, I feel like a little…

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Braised Lentils with Kielbasa


This is totally not a lovely, green vegetable-filled, start-of-spring meal. But today has been cloudy, rainy, and cold, so I think a wintry meal is definitely appropriate. Sometimes the tastiest dishes aren’t always the prettiest. Such is the case with these Braised Lentils and Kielbasa. They are so delicious – lentils sauteed with carrots, celery, cabbage,…

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Vegan Thai Pumpkin Ramen Soup


Even when I was in college I wasn’t too much of a ramen fan. I would have it only on very rare occasions, like when I was sick. This soup uses only the noodles from the ubiquitous ramen soup packets, not the seasoning. My thrifty self considered keeping the seasoning packet for a future recipe, but I…

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Toasted Corned Beef Baugette Sandwiches


My favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory was in 2nd grade. The day before, my teacher had us set up “leprechaun traps” of our own devising, made of elementary school staples like straws, glue, and construction paper. When we came in the next morning, we found the traps destroyed and bits of green felt and gold glitter…

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