Balsamic Fig Chicken Thighs with Polenta

Balsamic Fig Chicken with Polenta

Life has been really crazy lately. Before I share the recipe for my new favorite fall dish, here are some of my updates: I am starting my dream job next week. I’ll be working as a Research Assistant at Georgia Cares, an non-profit that coordinates services for youth victims of commercial sexual exploitation. I plan…

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Mujaddara is Middle Eastern comfort food at its finest. It's an incredibly flavorful vegetarian dish made with lentils and rice. Omit the spiced mint yogurt to make it vegan!

I’ve had an intermittent mild cold and fever throughout the past 2 weeks, which has made working on Sweet Little Kitchen very difficult. Whenever my exhausted self gets home from work, I just want to plop my 99.6º body and sore throat on the couch to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and drink a mug of…

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Salted Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Shortbread


Do you want to know a secret? I’ve never been a very confident baker. When I was in high school, I could handle boxed brownie mix and plain homemade sugar cookies, but that was about it. When I went to college, I tried making more unique homemade baked goods, but I quickly shied away after a…

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